Quoter - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2017
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Quoter is a stack for RapidWeaver.

Allows an unlimited number of credited quotes to be entered with a random quote displayed centered in a box. There are no configurable options at this stage, however I am planning to add some different styles of display and configurable options as I come to need them.

When things are broken, gin and tonic does wonders.

Paul Huxham

Money doesn't matter. We'll it does, but the way it matters is; if you're budget is low or high and you have to get to work - you can still get to where you're going, but it's all about if you're walking or taking the bus.

Paul Huxham

If I ponder the depths of human consciousness am I overthinking it?

Paul Huxham

Disclaimer - Works for me with how they appear and my current theme. Your mileage and outcome may be different.

Download, unzip and install into RapidWeaver by double clicking the Quoter.stack icon.

Requires Rapidweaver 7 and stacks 3.
Free to donate

If you feel this software is of value to you, you are welcome to use PayPal to pay for my efforts. If however you just want to use it (or not) and don't feel the need to pay anything - then thats ok too!

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