Filelist - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2018
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Filelist is a stack for RapidWeaver.

Shows a folder of files either from your web server, URL or local resources folder. Displays name with optional download link, file kind, size and date.

Colours, links, borders and other items are tweakable.

Can alternatively show a list of readme files in a second column where the files are named .readme. Extracted from the .readme text file is a line "Blurb: <some text>", where a column next to the readme contains <some text>. You can see this mode in use here.

To add a resource as a folder, select an item in a folder and Filelist will show the contents of the folder. You may need to add a dummy item into the folder to allow it to be selected - but it can be removed after the folder has been selected.
Disclaimer - Works for me with how it appears and my current theme. Your mileage and outcome may be different.

Download, unzip and install into RapidWeaver by double clicking the Filelist.stack icon.

Requires Rapidweaver 7 and stacks 3.
Free to donate

If you feel this software is of value to you, you are welcome to use PayPal to pay for my efforts. If however you just want to use it (or not) and don't feel the need to pay anything - then thats ok too!

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