HuxLogReport - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2018-2022
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HuxLogReport generates PDF reports from SpotOn, Red Curtain and HuxPlay log files.

Set your default preferences from the menu. Drag and drop log file(s) to the log file list (log file types can be mixed). Set your options and press generate.

Reports can be previewed, saved, printed or emailed in PDF and tracks can be blocked from appearing in reports using Block tracks. Multiple log files can be merged or have separate pages in the report (see example output).

HuxLogReport may crash if log file formats are not as expected (I can only test on log files from jobs I've been working on). Send me your log files and I'll see what I can do. Let me know if additional report styles are needed or if other log file formats should be supported.
HuxLogReport is free as in gratis. If you want to pay, you can do so here.
Minimum requirement is MacOS Big Sur or Windows 10.

Disclaimer - Works for me. Your mileage and outcome may be different.

Download below and install.

This tool is made for all the ADs who are tired of spending additional unpaid hours collating reports for the production office that would be better spent being with family.

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    Main window

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  • Main screen

    Main screen

  • The following licenses are acknowledged and used

    • Qt 6.2.3, a cross platform C++ framework. The most recent Qt version's source code can be obtained directly from the Qt company. The source code for the version linked in this application is 5.15.2:

      Size: 661.7M (661 738 888 bytes)
      MD5 Hash: 7209228d903cf62cdb6e4878eb64be5e
      Download Qt 6.2.3 source code

      The LGPL Open Source license under which Qt ships with this application, confers various rights to you, the user; including to recompile the Qt libraries for your platform. To do that follow the documentation on the Qt website. (If you relink the macOS application with newly compiled Qt frameworks, the code signature and notarisation will be invalid, however you still may override gatekeeper by deleting the signatures from the app bundle and signing the application yourself or ignore the macOS complaint about malicious software.)
  • Installation notes
    Runs on macOS Mojave and higher.

    To install, open the DMG file from the Finder by double clicking on it.
    Drag the application to the Applications shortcut or the Desktop.

    As the application is notarised by Apple, the first time it is run you will see a dialog confirming the application is safe to open. Click Open to continue using the application.

    Runs on Windows 10 and higher.

    Launch the installer.
    When asked if the application is allowed to install files, click Yes.
    After a successful install, the application icon will be in the Start menu.
  • Sample output
Version information and downloads
  • 2.1 (10/4/2022)
    • Changed the way subwindows are initially centered for compatibility with other platforms.
    • Added Qt version to About window.
    • Window centering on windows where some windows wouldn't open intially centered over the main window. Fixed.
    • Added dark mode selection to "Preferences/Miscellaneous/User Interface" to select dark mode under Windows. Options are Light, Dark or "At launch" which selects Windows OS default at application launch.
    • Added dark mode to the manual.
    • Clicking an update in the updates window takes you to the current version on the HuxVORecord home page rather than the top of the page.
    • Added runtime Qt version to feedback system report.
    • Preferences did not always correctly show correct the last update timestamp. Fixed.
    • You can now check for updates directly from the preferences window update tab.
    • "2nd log file list column title" had incorrect "Whats this?" information.

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    Notarised .dmg file for macOS

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    Installer for Windows 10

  • 2.0 (29/31/2022)
    • Ported to Qt 6.2.3
    • Complete rewrite for my new application template. Will make updates and extension much easier and far more likely.
    • All known issues since version 1.5.10 have been addressed.
    • Full instruction manual accessible from Help menu in PDF format included.
    • MacOS binary and .dmg are signed with my Apple Developer id.
  • 1.5.10 (25/10/2021)
    • Ported to Qt6.2 and CMake
    • Fixed display of icon in update window
    • Rewritten where classes have been deprecated in Qt6.2
    • Rewritten where type checking is more stringent in Qt6.2
    • macOS Big Sur compatible
  • 1.3.15 (1/12/2020)
    • macOS Big Sur support unknown
    • Dark mode supported on macOS Mojave and above
    • The macOS binary is now signed and notarised by Apple
    • Compiled with Qt 5.15.2
    • Changed makefile to my in house version numbering. Build number is now auto incremented
    • Update icon to Big Sur style
    • Removed the icons on the widget controls
    • Removed deprecated Qt xml classes and rewrote update check window
    • Added ellipsis to report view window widgets that open other windows
  • 1.2.0 (4/2/2020)
    • Add HuxPlay log file support.
    • Fixed a report issue with merged cells in the total row not merging the last cell.
    • Compiled with Qt 5.14.1.
  • 1.1.1 (20/7/2019)
    • The updates window has retina support for the application icon.
  • 1.1.0 (19/7/2019)
    • Retina display support for widget icons and the graphics in the About window
  • 1.0.0 (10/6/2019)
    • Debugged emailing reports with Outlook on Windows. The outlook.exe file must be set in settings (suitable default provided). Thank you Steve Quartly for your help with this
    • Rearranged preferences window to a tabbed arrangement. On Windows an Outlook tab appears to set the path to Outlook and a widget to restore the inbuilt default setting for outlook.exe location
    • Cleaned up default action and email attachment name preferences
    • Added reading time played for Red Curtain and SpotOn files in new report style "Individual: Duration and time of tracks played". This report format does not allow merging of multiple log files into a single report, however multiple reports can be sill be generated in a single output file
    • Added time offset control to correct start time of first item in log file by setting a new time for the first items playback. This can be set for each log file individually and applied to all log files in the list if needed. Select a log file by clicking its line number and clicking time offset. The list shows the offset to be applied to each log file in a third column displayed as an hours:minutes:seconds offset (positive or negative). Editing of the field in the log file list directly is possible by double clicking, however entry must be done in +/- seconds to offset (eg an hour is 3600 seconds). The time offset widget allows hours, minutes and seconds offsets to be edited for the selected log file
    • Preferences shows the last time a new version was checked for
    • Checking for an update if there is no internet connection now reports an appropriate error
  • 0.9.9 (17/3/2019)
    • Windows installer should actually work now on vanilla Windows 10
    • When an update is avalable, Windows version provides a link to the Windows installer. On mac still provides link to .dmg
    • Windows installer has more appropriate icon
    • Windows added key command for menu item quit
    • Windows email function not tested
  • 0.9.8 (16/3/2019)
    • Windows now stores settings.ini file in users data directory
    • Windows fix for installer missing libraries
    • Added keyboard Ctrl/P to open preferences on windows
    • Added QT 5.12.1 LGPL license to About window
    • Cleaned up some old About window code
    • Implemented Mac Window/Minimize and Window/Close menu items
    • Windows email function not tested
  • 0.9.7 (28/2/2019)
    • Windows version
    • Converted some code that compiles only for mac
    • Icons drawn in widgets have slightly different positional requirements for mac and windows
    • Windows settings are stored in an .ini file
    • Windows email sending is by Outlook. Other email clients are not supported
    • Tweaked build system for windows, but remains same for mac
  • 0.9.6 (27/2/2019)
    • Added icons to operator widgets to assist self explanation of usage
    • Added update error message window if errors are encountered during update checking
    • Added font awesome license information to About window
  • 0.9.5 (23/2/2019)
    • Changed the update file format, older versions will longer work for update checking
    • Changed the update window to add update notes for the new version when found
    • Update window update notes now appear full width and remaining depth space
    • Update window is moved vertically by half of the size change when expanded to make space for the notes cleanly
    • Preferences for how often to automatically check for updates - Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    • Preference to automatically create a filename for email attachments or use the report title. If report title is empty, use APRA_<date>
    • Dropping a folder onto the log file list no longer adds an entry entry. It now does nothing
    • Updated build system to automatically build update files for web publishing platform for application check for updates
  • 0.9.4 (21/2/2019)
    • Reorganised the preferences window
    • Added report printing
    • Added report emailing. Reports are sent directly via Apple Mail. Third party email clients are not supported
    • Added preferences for default action for report generation. So if preview is turned off, you can specify what you want to do with the generated report
    • When a report is previewed you can choose to email/print or save
    • Changed the way the application version number is stored and generated
    • Added check for updates. If a new version is available you can click the download link to launch a web browser to download the new version (dmg only). Install must be completed manually
  • 0.9.3 (16/2/2019)
    • Remove debug code left in from 0.9.2
    • Added menu File/Preview to just preview the report
    • Tweaked the text in the about window
  • 0.9.2 (14/2/2019)
    • Log file list entries can be reordered with drag and drop. Behaves slightly strangely due to programming platform. But you can get the order you want. When dragging and droppping, first select an entry by clicking on the vertical header number to the left of the entry. This selects the line. Dragging between each entry you will see two drop points as you move the mouse vertically (the drop lines appear very close together but one above the other depending on how close to the entry above or below you are). Which one you drop on alters the drop point to above or below the entry. Also you cant drop anything at the bottom of the list - I'm working on a way around the programming platform issues with this
    • Fixed "blocked tracks" not showing tracks already blocked to allow them to be unblocked
    • Added up/down/top/bottom widget and menu items to reorder log file entry list. Without the issues associated with drag and drop
    • Added menu Edit/Deselect all
    • Reworked part of the ui to better cater for the additional widgets
    • Added report preview before saving (with preferences to disable if not needed)
  • 0.9.1 (9/2/2019)
    • Renamed preferences window to "Preferences and defaults"
    • Renamed subtitle setting to "2nd log file list column"
    • The second column in the log file list is now named according to settings (as well as the generated report header output)
    • Preferences changed that aren't defaults are now applied to running application as well as being saved (defaults are: duration, tx mode and merge list)
    • Startup window height is smaller
    • *Should* now run on macOS Lion (10.7) and higher - untested, awaiting user reports
  • 0.9 (6/2/2019)
    • Preferences window was called dialog. Now fixed
    • Tweaked about window layout
    • Added "merge log list file to single report" and associated preferences
    • Fixed report generation to make sure the duration column doesnt wrap
    • Implemented reports for multiple entries in log file list. They can be merged into one report by selecting "merge log file list..." for merging the log files into a report that spans multiple pages. Or if deselected each log file will be a separate page in the generated report.
    • No longer need to select log file format (changing log file formats is gone). Each log file is taken on its own merit and different types can be mixed in the list.
    • Log file list is now a table view, with the first column the path/log file (displaying only the filename). Second column is a subtitle for that individual log file.
    • Double click to edit the subtitle column. Exit edit mode before generating log file by clicking elsewhere in the log file list otherwise edit changes are not stored.
    • Added default output path in preferences
    • Added subtitle heading setting in preferences. This allows the second column of the log file list to be given a custom heading in reports. If the second column of the log file is left empty, this line will be removed from the report.
    • Added the option to use the report title as the filename for the report. If enabled, "APRA " will be prepended to the generated filename, followed by the report title.
    • Added the option to add the report generation date to the end of the filename. If enabled, "_YYYMMDD" will be added to the end of the filename for the file dialog.
    • Removed the output select widget and text widget and replaced with file requester for generate report widget.
    • When selecting a log file to remove using the "-" widget, you must select the entire row, not a single cell, otherwise the remove widget will remain ghosted.
    • All log files in the list are loaded and merged with duplicated entries removed when using the block tracks window
  • 0.7 (28/1/2019)
    • Fixed about window can be left behind the main window if not closed and menu/about is reselected
    • Added preferences window
    • Files can be dropped on the output file text gadget to insert the path and filename of the dropped file
    • Rewrote log file scan engine
    • Added SpotOn log file support
    • When adding log files to process, a guess is made as to the log file format.
    • Added new report types
    • Added heading on reports with Audio Director name, date, job and report type
    • Added option to ignore files with play less than x seconds (set to 0 to ignore)
    • Added option to ignore TX mode in SpotOn log files
    • Added block tracks window to remove tracks from report
  • 0.5 (25/5/2018)
    • The log format widget now expands to full window width
  • 0.4
    • Initial release.