Poetry and Free Verse Part E
Written works copyright © 1986-2022 Paul Huxham. All rights reserved.
  • Love always
    Love always - Copyright © Paul Huxham
    It is not something that happens every day.
    I find a love I can believe in.

    Now, since she has gone away,
    I find she has taught me to live,
    to breathe,
    and to love, again.
    Even given the chance
    I would not change the way things are now.

    For although I miss her terribly.
    And sometimes lose myself in memory.
    I know that I still do love her
    and my best friend she will always be.
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  • Please
    Please - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    I am sorry,
    so sorry for what I have done.
    Take my soul, if it means deliverance.

    Listen to the priest babbling on.
    Sacrificing love.
    And for what?

    You are lucky.
    Released at nineteen;
    finding doors that open.

    Choirs sing of praise and fortune.
    Only their teachings
    echo into silence.

    Forgive me.

  • You alone remain
    You alone remain - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    Tell me in the night
    with flowers on the grave.
    Listen to the rising wind
    whisper silently your name.

    Hear the winter calling
    like an echo in the rain,
    raging through the streets below;
    takes my soul but not the pain.

    Does it matter that you alone remain?
    Can it matter you and I never were the same?

    Smeared with blood
    I walk the roads between
    our love that now disintegrates
    into shapes we never see.

    Like the wind, endlessly calls your name;
    no one is here to take away the pain.

    Does it matter that you alone remain?
    Can it matter you and I never were the same?
  • Utter love
    Utter love - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    Rain falls steady on the ground outside.
    The clouds seem to line the sky, covering the all familiar blue.
    I wonder if what I feel is true.
    My eyes blink slowly to reveal the light grey colour.
    And all I see are memories of you.

    A rainbow streaks across the sky.
    The colours come from heavens' door, open for a while.
    Deep red, green, violet and blue.
    It all happens so very fast.
    A sign that happiness will come at last.

    Your photograph lies beside me on the bed.
    I look at all the things about you I have come to know.
    Your hands, your face, your arms, your eyes;
    But one thing strikes me I cannot define.
    The utter love I feel inside.
  • Drifting apart
    Drifting apart - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    I thought you might like to see some things from our past;
    photographs and other nondescript items:

    This is about the time I first saw you,
    I remember it well.
    You were more interested in him than me.
    At least, thats how it felt.
    It didn't hurt like my arm when it broke,
    but inside; the voices spoke.

    Theres you under that tree
    like a light shining on.
    Whispering in my ear of love and forever.
    Sounds that sang to me.
    Love, trust and friendship should be respected and earnt;
    far too often they're bought.

    Since then I've struggled to make something of my life,
    to have friends, lovers and the like.
    But you're still there with comforting words; respected and earnt.
    and your children look happy and content.
    Like their father and you.

    It really makes you wonder about these people in the picture.
    And what could have been.
    Whatever happened to me and you?

All free verse and poetry are works of fiction. Any similarities to people, places or scenarios in real life is pure coincidence and the works do not reflect any form of reality.