Poetry and Free Verse Part D
A small selection from a larger collection…

Written works copyright © 1986-2022 Paul Huxham. All rights reserved.
  • I thought I knew
    I thought I knew - Copyright © Paul Huxham
    Are there some things that should remain unspoken between people?

    While I sit here with my eyes closed I feel the tears building within.
    After an indeterminable time in thought my eyelids creep open to a blinding light.
    The collected tears spill down my cheeks and I cradle my head in my hands; disbelieving.
    I reach for a glass of water to wet the dryness of my throat
    though I am unable to imagine the water in the glass providing any form of comfort.

    I realise it is selfish and unfair that I expect her to drop everything to be with me.
    Ah, the thought of oneself;
    It drags me away from my memories of her for an instant.
    Of the wrong I have done others,
    the desire for the sanctuary of flesh,
    the greed for wealth and superiority,
    of the love I feel for her with my whole self.
    I thought it would be always, and that what I believed could be sustained;
    but it just doesn't work that way.

    In the shortest time, it has all ended.
    I have tried to forget but my heart remembers and aches to be near her again.
    I wish I had been different and had done things with more purpose.
    At the time I assured myself I was heading in the right direction;
    that I was destined to be with her forever.

    I thought I knew, but I knew nothing.
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  • Through the rain
    Through the rain - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    I was sitting looking out my window today
    and a small bird landed at the edge of the pond.

    It sat peacefully and looked at the cloudy grey sky
    at the trees and the grass and the myriad of insects scuttling by.

    It stooped and it drank until it was satisfied
    and then flew off, never wondering why.

    Its obvious to me now why we all suffer;
    because we don't stop and look at the world that surrounds us.

    The flowers, the bees; the people we know and others we see
    which are all a part of the great mystery.

    Maybe we should be more open and plain,
    and be like the bird and fly through the rain.
  • Single revolution
    Single revolution - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    Its funny how the world turns;
    How the rug is pulled out from beneath your feet.
    How the laughter doesn't have quite the same ring anymore.

    Oh, and why is your door ajar?
    Are you waiting for that shadow once more?

    Open the window or are you afraid to see?
    I know I used to be.

    Let in the air and the noise and the light.
    Think not of what was, but will be
    and let people know it's alright.

    You know in your heart which way to turn.
    Just be careful of their thoughts and concerns.

    Yes.. It is funny how the world turns...
  • Unworthy
    Unworthy - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    Alone and uncared for I cry.
    I hate what I have become;
    hate it so much I want to puke.

    I learnt to distance myself from emotion;
    like a machine.
    Happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow played out
    for the people around me.

    But at night when I lie and stare at the ceiling;
    my face streaked with tears.
    A whisper of you returns in the breeze
    and I feel alone and deprived.
    I turn myself inward
    and stand by the door,
    watching the road, the gutter, the curb.

    Its not much to hope for I know;
    but maybe someday I'll see you again; happy and free
    and I'll be glad you've forgotten
    and don't remember me.
  • Within you
    Within you - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    Within the power of water, lies the river.
    Within the sanctuary of silence, lies the voice.

    Walk as children beneath the canopy of the open sky.
    Rise and face your fears, hand in hand with those you love.
    Be washed by the river and warmed by the light.
    Listen to the silence and know that you are alive.

    Within the purity of light, lies forgiveness.
    Within the depths of being, lies understanding.