Poetry and Free Verse Part C
A small selection from a larger collection…

Written works copyright © 1986-2022 Paul Huxham. All rights reserved.
  • Seeing you
    Seeing you - Copyright © Paul Huxham
    I'd like to tell you about someone else I remember.
    She was the most beautiful person I knew.
    But I think I'll never get to see her; maybe ever again.

    I distinctly remember one morning while we were all out, strolling along.
    I turned and looked to my left for a short time.
    I remember seeing her and thinking how beautiful she was.
    How her hair sat, how she smiled and laughed,
    how smooth her skin was.
    How she contrasted with the grass and the morning sky;
    things that she said and the way she replied.

    And I remember thinking that she was the sort of person
    I would most like to meet and spend time with.
    And how everything I ever wanted from life
    could be so simple and yet so utterly unattainable.
    And how when I think of her, I can't bring myself to tell you that you are her.
    That it's you I remember this way.

    Life is become too short to make this mistake again.
    I will hold your hands and tell of how I remember seeing you.
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  • Fond memories
    Fond memories - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    I remember...

    I remember sitting and looking at you;
    how pretty you were.

    I remember the innocent smile on your lips;
    the smell of your hair drifting in the breeze.

    I remember the love for life in your eyes;
    and the gentle curves of your face.

    I remember looking up, as did you;
    when your arm brushed mine.

    You were the one who showed me the way;
    love isn't a test the winner takes away.

    After everything thats happened in all the years since;
    you're still my best friend.

    I'll not forget you.
  • Damnation
    Damnation - Copyright © Paul Huxham
    The page will turn
    and I shall be consumed by an everlasting fire.

    My sins, taken away from the world
    will scar enough for retribution.

    Burnt and broken I knelt before the tree,
    to find the fruits a poison.

    I judge the earth responsible for my demise
    and so pollute your souls with mine.

    One by one demons will take your minds
    and through the nights you'll pay.

    I will look upon the world
    and mercy will not be in my mind to give.

    That day of mourning will be my glory
    as the sun sets forever on one side of the world.

    Division precedes rebirth.
    So shall it be with me.
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  • Missing forever
    Missing forever - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    All around you:
    blue sky,
    green grass,
    tall trees.

    All around me:
    black birds,
    dead voices,
    scattered leaves.

    Different sides of the same page.
    Missing each other
  • Coming home
    Coming home - Copyright © Paul Huxham
    As the sun sets on a weary sky,
    the trees become like silhouettes.
    The lake reflects the twinkling lights
    of a town on the distant hill.
    The passing of cars and the
    clacking of tracks fade away in the night
    as the air around becomes still.

    The moon appears, a crescent of light;
    the smell of the air grows sweet.
    Your breathing becomes shallow and free
    as sleep takes hold of your day.
    Lying against me you look like an angel
    in the light from the stars and the moon.

    Like the sanctuary of the space around us;
    you have come home, none too soon.
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