Poetry and Free Verse Part A

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Written works copyright © 1986-2022 Paul Huxham. All rights reserved.
  • There is only you
    There is only you - Copyright © Paul Huxham
    There is only you my love.

    And no matter how many times the borders shift
    or how many countries are dissolved
    or how hard it is to have a government represent its people
    or how many pointless wars are started by men in suits,
    or how long I must lie in the street with nothing to eat while the rain and the mud soaks my skin
    or for how long they punish me;
    tie me up and cut me so I bleed...

    While I have the capacity for thought,
    There is only you my love.
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  • Forgive, but why?
    Forgive, but why? - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    imagine a knife edge pressed against your throat

    your arm twisted way behind your back
    the shoulder joint roaring with pain

    mumbles in your ear that swear you lied
    kicked to your knees when your hands are tied

    a cold steel barrel caresses the nape of your neck
    ecstasy that instills fear of the inevitable click

    you smell the sky filling with rain
    see your life again and again

    but in the moment before you die
    you forgive them all
    taking with you the reason why
  • Last hope
    Last hope - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    Worth measured by wealth.
    In a sad world
    of pleasure and place.

    Values changed at night.
    Hung out to dry
    on their endless lines.

    Career rodents say go.
    But I know
    its not far enough.

    Under their thumbs we writhe.
    Weeds in a garden
    destined to die.

    Life suspended on ice.
    Wound up in truth
    and slow shuffle dance.

    Gibberish written over the walls.
    Reads like a speech
    of lies to a nation.

    Chained to my life.
    By thoughts,
    idle threats and retaliation.

    I sit and look through my eyes at you.
    I see a glimmer of hope
    flicker, and fade out.
  • My star in the sky
    My star in the sky - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    I can feel you reaching out.
    Far beyond whatever is there.
    Breaking down and wrenching the stars from the sky.
    Giving them a new lease of life…

    Far below the murky depths of the blackened sky
    lies a world that you have changed,
    a world where there is a star shining around.
    It's rejuvenating light flooding onto the plains
    and breathing life back into the ground,
    casting no shadows.

    What started out as a pale flickering speck,
    has grown into a sun.
    Fulfilling the dreams of the people
    that gaze at this beautiful creation.

    From the single star plucked from a sky.
    Before them a new world has begun.
    A world of dreams and realities.
    You are the star in my sky.
    Yes you are.
    You are my star in the sky.
  • So much I can see
    So much I can see - Copyright © Paul Huxham
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    I can see everything so clearly,
    if I sit still;
    think about what happened.
    The movement of the grass,
    the swaying of the trees.
    Your face, so close;
    but there is something not right.

    I can hear everything so distinctly,
    if I stop to listen;
    think about the pattern.
    The crash of the waves,
    the beat of your heart.
    Your hand, so close;
    but I don't know how to stop this.

    I hear a voice from the silence,
    calling to me;
    as if I were wanting to leave.
    My mind a swirl with colour,
    my happiness confused with light.
    Our love, so close;
    but the time that remains has grown short.

    I can see everything so clearly,
    now I am still;
    your hands on my face.
    Your eyes looking at mine,
    your face etched in memory.
    The silence, the light.
    And your tears, falling to the ground.

All free verse and poetry are works of fiction. Any similarities to people, places or scenarios in real life is pure coincidence and the works do not reflect any form of reality.