Just to be clear for everyone - I don't endorse people; in writing, on the web or for others to repeat in general conversation or in work applications.

Conversely, I do not expect to be endorsed by anyone else - so if someone says something about me make sure to check it out for yourself. You are welcome to make up your own mind about my work, skills and ethics by having a conversation with me or reviewing my previous work.

The only possible way I would pass on information about someone is by speaking with the concerned third party in person or in a phone call. Anyone who says "Paul says this" or "I know Paul and he gave me your details" or anything at all really, you should red flag the information.

Ring me and I will tell you straight up about anyone, but do not take anyone's word on who I know or what I think about them or their work ethic. Get my opinion from me directly.

Why internet advertising will fail

This is a really well thought out article that totally justifies adblocking and any other means of avoiding advertising. Is Advertising Morally Justifiable? by Thomas Wells

or in case the original link disappears I have PDF'd it here.

Governments nose where it's not wanted

I know governments think they have the right to do whatever they want whenever they want. But really - capturing my metadata and other Mr Nosey things sucks big time. Quite frankly I don't do anything wrong so why are you looking at me? Your time would be better spent doing real police work, instead of collecting idiotic tweets and other junk. Besides, I'm no social media butterfly, you won't find me there. My email is hosted by myself so you don't get that. I use Threema or Apple iMessage for messages so you can't get those. I use a VPN when I browse the net. So what are you really capturing about me? Surely that money is better spent on teachers, police and other useful things that we really do need, not to mention the fact that criminals will just get around it - thats right - they will do or use something else. It just won't work. Dumb criminals will always get caught but you don't need data retention to do that.

I also noticed that according to Article 12 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that I should not arbitrarily have my privacy interfered with. Is Australia a signatory to this document? Yes. So WTF are we doing Mr Government?