My web server has limited space and bandwidth for the price. I'd like to have more music files as uncompressed ALAC and older software available but space is an issue.

I have decided to warehouse some of my music files to a server running elsewhere. Ultimately what this means is I gain more space on my web server for web pages and downloadable music files don't contribute to the bandwidth of the web server.

The server holding the warehoused music files is on a slower connection - however still very acceptable. The server is on a subdomain of heardofaudio.com, but is hosted elsewhere. The URL for the warehouse starts with https://valut.heardofaudio.com then a code, followed by /download.

You shouldn't notice any difference and downloads will work as they always have.

Lossless music published

lossless music
I have started releasing my music tracks since January 2019 in Apple Lossless format. They are created from the wav file masters at 48KHz, 24bit. They should play on all computers running iTunes and on any iOS device since iPhone 7. Support for other devices is unknown.

The files are large compared to the compressed formats but still manageable. The benefits for the average listener are debatable and more than likely unnecessary - so I imagine most users will continue to use the AAC files (the red icon on this website).

However for those amongst us who strive for the best - this is the best I can do. So other than the musical content, the Apple Lossless files are the best possible quality.

Happy listening…

New album "The Photon Principle"

The Photon Principle_front
It's been three years since my last album release but The Photon Principle is all new material that has been written and produced during this time. I've tried to make something that follows a story of sorts and has meaning and purpose. Not an easy task, especially for an amateur composer. I guess the best description of the style is electronic new age, but really it's more like an electronic soundtrack; something you might hear during a movie with the occasional theme that rises to the surface.

I really enjoyed creating these tracks and hope you enjoy listening to them. A sample track can be heard at The Photon Principle home page where there is further information. Paul Huxham, September 2017