Theory of stuff

The Theory of stuff. It's powerful, relevant and obvious. A lot of people don't know how or why something works - they just accept that they don't understand and get on with it. It is not necessary either; to understand everything. Mobile phones, cars, deep space communication, cancer treatment, microphones, foreign languages, making cakes and pastries, why are fridges cold inside, how feature films are made and produced. You will be able to find a large number of things that you use or do regularly, but don't understand with any depth; or, just take for granted.

But then this is why when you are looking to do something, and a person who has knowledge and experience in their field of expertise speaks - you must listen. You must pay attention and defer to those who do know. It is quite ok to take that information and push the boundaries - change things up and make it work your own way. Although push them in your own time and space and not at the expense of others money, time or work. Learn something from those who have been there before. There is no need to write the same story…again.

I cannot count how many times I've been overruled with decisions made by people who have absolutely no clue about what they're talking about. And when the process goes wrong due to that decision, they are nowhere to be found or they push the error as your incompetence to their superiors. This unacceptable behaviour is becoming increasingly common as more and more people find their way into the workplace. It is a sad state an industry finds itself in when I look at the incoming workers and see their lack of basic understanding in their field.

What is a compressor? What is an IFB? What is OP 59? If you can't answer these back down and do some homework.

I try to do my work to the best of my ability and I do not expect to receive awards, accolades or even thanks for the work I do. I do need however to get paid to help support my family. I am disillusioned by those who want to take my work away and then not do it properly because they don't know, don't understand or have no interest in it - but do it only for the money; ironically, usually less. Maybe the reality is they are not putting as much into the job, so they are worth less - in monetary terms and as a person with a working social and moral compass.

To end on lighter note, this is what is wrong with where I work.