September 2015

You can't do that!

Ok, just so we're clear - you can't go putting people on your resume as referees if you haven't asked them first. At first you might think it will get you the job - and you know what - it will. But then you get found out and the little world you've crafted will fail. Those who discover what has happened will probably not want anything to do with you anymore. A very sad, sorry situation that should never occur. Ever.

Is your condenser too bright?

I know exactly what Michael is saying here and it's not good for the cheap manufacturers of condenser microphones. Shortcuts taken during manufacturing like those described are really inexcusable. Michael's article is definitely worth a read - Why Many Condenser Mics Are Too Bright and Sibilant by Michael Joly

or in case the original link disappears I have PDF'd it here.