October 2022


Losing a friend over a miscommunication is a terrible thing. Something I could not have ever imagined happening.

It is certainly not anything I would want: to create angst, drama, trouble or sadness for my few close friends (or other friendly people for that matter). In its own way this month has been one of my life's most trying times; attempting to deal with this while I work and live in the background.
She walked away leaving me alone crying by the river, Minimalist, Watercolor03
I guess I should have spoken instead of writing a message. A message that appeared to me to be clear and concise; I cannot believe it could possibly be read in any other way, yet it was read with completely the opposite meaning. I would do pretty much anything to undo it and put things back as they were. But I'm starting to realise that may not be possible.

I am devastated by the loss and the sadness is intense; being brought to tears by memory and thoughts. Am I that bad a person? Am I being taught a lesson? And if so, about what?

I bear no ill will towards them. I just want them back as my friend and to be released from the devastation that I feel.

A motif

I have always wished I had a small musical motif or signature sound that could be used to identify me. So I've spent a while coming up with something that is short and simple but recognisable. It appears in a few places on the website but is not in any track listings or catalogs. You can listen to it here.

A new release

Creativity ebbs and flows like your mood. Out of a great deep well of emotion, the smallest light or deftest human touch sparks the subconscious. So many paths to follow and combinations to be tried.


It has been an experience writing new music through these last weeks. The creativity came at a time when I was in an awkward space of introspection. I feel that I am being left behind in one life and have crashed in another. Anyway I digress…

This new track Beyond sunset lies a place, is about people. There is a fine line between two people, where a connection might be. Treading that line need not be arduous or difficult. A simple hug can make the pain of life fall away.