November 2022


My wife's father passed away in hospital today at 4pm in Vinh Long, Vietnam. A massive loss for her and her family.

Rest in peace.

cycle 1: Friends, lovers and loss

they walked away and left me standing alone, Watercolor, Minimalist01
Sometimes things hurt so much that the only way to get them out is to write them down or talk about them.

I've chosen writing them down as I can't find anyone to listen at the moment. And that's not to say that there is no one who will; that I just can't find someone right now.

I decided to write a cycle of verse; a small collection that traverses and links thoughts in my mind. Of friends lovers and loss. Their content is disparate and the links between them may not be apparent or obvious. But now they have escaped my mind I feel a sense of loneliness and I miss these feelings. They were something to cling to. A fight worthy of my time.

Demons surround us and chase us down. They torment our lives and they are wearing me out.

We all have thoughts and feelings kept inside - acknowledged or not. Whether mine have any meaning to others remains to be seen.