May 2015

A responsive received!

A response from FTI was received on the 26th May 2015 from Roslyn Walker. A meeting has apparently been organised for 4th June 2015 at the State Library to discuss sound issues in the state. The timing of this meeting has nothing to do with my letter, it just coincided with it. I wish the meeting well although I feel that mostly film sound discussion will take place at the meeting (my guess).

Very pleasing to see at least one of the educational institutions taking interest in what they're teaching they're students.

Follow up to "Open letter..."

Ok, so to date (25th May 2015) no replies to the open letter I sent out out on the 11th May 2015. Why does that not surprise me? Institutional change is slow. Rightly or wrongly that is how it is. I have also sent the letter today to FTI as I missed them in my initial mail out. Maybe they will be more open to criticism of their course curriculum than the other institutions? We shall see.

Open letter to educational institutions

I've noticed that over the lat year or so the quality of students coming out of courses at educational institutions is not as good as it could be. I feel very strongly about this as it appears that students are wasting their time. And I don't mean that impolitely or nastily. I'm just referring to the skill set they are given during the course is not the most appropriate as it could be. Maybe it needs to be updated? Audio skills are not the only things that need to be taught at these places of learning. In fact on the strength of my belief I've written an open letter to all education intuitions that I am aware of in Western Australia, being Edith Cowan University, Curtin University, SAE and TAFE.

You might like to read this letter as well; in the interest of openness and not hiding behind closed doors you can find it here.

The beginning

The website is finally up and going. It has taken longer than I anticipated but it's been a learning curve to use my publishing tool. Ive started a number of new projects and I'm trying to allow space in my schedule to allocate time to them all. Music, writing, sound all take valuable time. And time is a precious resource I'm finding… One that is difficult to divvy up. I see progress in each project though so I think while not being successful with the division I am at least making headway. And I would rather it this way than just sitting and vegetating at home on the couch. (Although come to think of it, that has merits too!)