Britain votes to leave European Union

Britons' vote result on the 24th June 2016 is to leave the European Union. Whilst I may personally agree with the vote result, it is more pleasing that a government headed by David Cameron and who is against the idea of leaving the European Union agrees with the referendum result and calls for it to be heeded and respected - and to "make it work" - a message to his successor given he will resign in a few months. It is true that his position has become untenable given his desire to remain in the EU. This is not a victory of one side over another, especially given the result, it is a result for what the majority of people want and that is all you can ask for.
EU vote result
I hope that the parliament does not try to walk around the leave vote and try and maintain ties with the EU for goods, people, services and capital (single market), as these are what people voted to leave for - the conditions imposed on them by EU membership.

David Cameron is to be applauded and personally I think it is a shame to see him go. Whatever happens now, the majority cannot complain as the result is what they asked for.