July 2020

Grant Imahara

It saddens me to have to write another entry about the death of a favourite so soon, however very few choose their own time for passing.

Grant Imahara was why I watched MythBusters. I mean everyone was great - but he really piqued my attention to different things. I saw him speak for an hour at a local comic con in Perth and he made such an impression on me - I wish I could have been friends with him. It would have been awesome.

He achieved so much, but has gone way too soon. 13th July 2020. Vale Grant Imahara.

Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone passed away 6th July 2020. He wrote so many fantastic movie scores. In the line of fire and The good, the Bad and the Ugly amongst my favourites.

He worked tirelessly to conjoin visuals and music in cinema and subtly express emotion through composition. His work will be forever remembered by the rewatching of movies who were fortunate enough to have him as their music composer. Vale Ennio Morricone.