December 2018


Just to be clear for everyone - I don't endorse people; in writing, on the web or for others to repeat in general conversation or in work applications.

Conversely, I do not expect to be endorsed by anyone else - so if someone says something about me make sure to check it out for yourself. You are welcome to make up your own mind about my work, skills and ethics by having a conversation with me or reviewing my previous work.

The only possible way I would pass on information about someone is by speaking with the concerned third party in person or in a phone call. Anyone who says "Paul says this" or "I know Paul and he gave me your details" or anything at all really, you should red flag the information.

Ring me and I will tell you straight up about anyone, but do not take anyone's word on who I know or what I think about them or their work ethic. Get my opinion from me directly.

Goodbye Alan

Goodbye Alan Hurley. I remember starting work at my first job and you were a cameraman there. After many years you left and became a director (at a different network). Then re-meeting you many years later as your daughter is the same age as my son and they went to play group together. You were a wonderful father and I'm proud to call you my friend. You are missed but not only by those very close to you but others like me who knew you just for a catch up chat now and then. Rest well.

Goodbye John

John Rowley from Soundequip was all about the audio. Never ever let me down with my purchases over the years, quite often shipping items before payments had gone through. Always long conversation about the goings on. Very shocked and sad to hear of his passing. Big loss for the industry where he cared more about the people and gear than profits and money. Rest well my friend - you were a light in the darkness of commerciality - and will be sorely missed.