Life is on going

And so life goes on.

I've been tweaking the website for a few weeks now, decluttering pages and improving navigation in Music and writing. Ive also started adding more written verse.

I added a Now page so you can see what currently has my attention.

And after a lengthy period of mourning I've started to lift myself out of the hole I've been in this last month with the passing of my friend Damo.

And I need to say thank you to M. You are the brightest of stars. Thank you, more than you may realise.

Damien Lowry

It is with the heaviest of hearts I must write of Damien Lowry's passing.

He was my friend.

We worked on average 3 days a week together across a year and we knew what each other was thinking and what each other missed while working - catching each others mistakes and learning about gear and new approaches to old setups.

I miss his response to the most difficult of situations; "thats fucked" he would say.

It is surreal and difficult to fathom.
But we are without him now.

Vale Damien Lowry