Increased activity - not

Increased website activity. Thats what I thought.

Been kept busy writing software and not enough time for the studio.

A few minor drips of work with more cancelled as Western Australia's premier decides what's best for us - geez I wish we had a referendum or that there was an ombudsman for out of control governments.

Still waiting for life to return to any form of normal.

Disappearing work

It's been a while but I've been busy paying bills by working as much as I can.

Just when you think covid has had enough of us and governments might let us free from their artificial cages - Nope. Western Australia decides to go it alone for longer - maybe until February 2022.

So with almost all the work cancelled over the summer holidays I'm going back to the studio with some tracks to complete and back to the garden to get my hands dirty.

I would expect increased website activity over the next 2 months.