Reality check
Let me start by saying that some things are easy and some things are hard.

Conversely some things can be made to be easy and some made to be hard.

So the question that arises is why make something hard when it can be easy - and conversely why make something easy when it can be hard.

I see a lot of configurations and arrangements that are extremely intricate and hard to understand. Occasionally though, I see where a very complex setup has been made simple to use and understand. These are the people that I want to talk to. They are the one's I want to pry information out of; I want to get how they thought through to the point where simplicity overcomes the Byzantine. It must be a very, very hard thing to do as so many fail.

Sometimes what makes sense to you, is not what other people need to grasp a concept. It takes a certain mind and mindset to create a thing that appeals to our sense of reason and can be well grasped.

A lot of people create things that are hard to understand so that they can be irreplaceable, required and continually called upon. People like this, that create a mess so no one else has a clue as to what is going on are not people you want on your side or on your team. They are lazy and impenetrable. They are verbose, loud and flamboyant.

Remove the confusion.

I'm from the school of less is more, not if you have it you need to use it.

Now the question becomes have I made a complicated subject matter harder or easier to understand?