Praeambula - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2019. All rights reserved.
Praeambula is the forerunner - what comes before. Is the fight worth the time and effort or are you just going to lay down and take it?

The sound of fallen angels echoes here.
In the trees you can hear their cries.
Can't you hear them?

A sigh sweeps across the barren plain.
Earths' wheezy exhausted breath.
Don't you hear it?

Words whispered in earnest to the massing crowds.
The residue of lies on their tongues and mouths.
Haven't you heard them?

Hear the circling birds' cry in the moment of glory
deliver us from this mindless complacency.
Why won't you listen?

Composed, performed and produced by Paul Huxham February 2019

ISRC # AU-LCE-17-00021

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