Non ducor; duco - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2021. All rights reserved.
Non ducor; duco - "I am not led; I lead", opens an interesting door into politics, control and power.

The significance of the paths of our lives should not be lost or diluted by others who choose to be led. What you contribute does make a difference and you should strive to become a part of history.

What you can contribute, should be.
What you can change, you should.

Others will want to influence and control you under the guise of politics and power. Don't be fooled into complacency and become a mindless follower. Listen to yourself - and walk the path.

Never expected success?
Well I'm in the drivers seat of my destiny.

I am not led; I lead.

Composed, performed and produced by Paul Huxham August 2021

ISRC # AU-LCE-17-00023

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Non ducor; duco