Expulsion from the Garden of Eden - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2014. All rights reserved.
This, my first album which I completed in September 2014 is a themed compilation and is based upon my thoughts and reflection of my life on seeing the paintings “Expulsion from the garden of eden” and “Moon and firelight” by Thomas Cole, which he painted in 1828.

The album context is extremely personal and was scored over a 15 year period and went through a large number of rewrites as well as creative gaps during my early working career. A lot of the music has also had to transition three major computer platforms and workstation software, also moving from hardware to soft synths.

Recording this album proved to me that I can see a creative project through from start to finish; through the entire process of creating, playing, recording, mixing, and producing the recording and the CD artwork.

The album title evokes christian religious connotations however I can assure you that religion is not a message I am preaching. I believe that the music expresses my struggle to be who I am and the anguish one faces at certain times in their life.

Composed, performed and produced by Paul Huxham September 2014

ISRC # AU-LCE-14-00001, AU-LCE-14-00002, AU-LCE-14-00003, AU-LCE-14-00004, AU-LCE-14-00005, AU-LCE-14-00006, AU-LCE-14-00007
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Preview track 2: Finding Midnight

Track listing "Expulsion from the Garden Of Eden"

  1. Void
  2. Finding midnight
  3. Beleaguered Eden
  4. Dark star
  5. Within the monolith
  6. Eternity
  7. Exile