Beyond sunset lies a place - Copyright © Paul Huxham 2022. All rights reserved.
  • A theme for you.
    I really like you; you are selfless, generous and kind. If I had a sister, it would be you - someone I would share my thoughts with and confide in.

    Miscommunication is a terrible thing and losing a friend because of that is one of the hardest things to bear.

    10th October 2022
It takes a long time to convince someone of my true intentions,
as people won't look into my heart and see me.
Somehow they see what they want to see
and believe me; they don't see me.

All of them fail the simplest of tests
and judge me with glares and shakes of their heads.
It is so much harder to just be a friend.
Sometimes I wish it would all just end.

But as I recall what I’ve thought before;
I’m sure I know what love is for.
And though my words come out wrong this day,
I know in my heart what I just can’t say.

I really don't know if you do see me.
I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
Composed, performed and produced by Paul Huxham September 27, 2022

ISRC # AU-LCE-22-00025
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