About payment for things that are free: Donations
Im not begging or even asking for payment - in fact I don't mind if you use the software and music that has been released as free downloads from my website and do not pay.

Where something is released where I don't ask you to pay for it - then what I get at a minimum is the small burst of happiness that someone has had some use out of something I have made.

If by chance you feel that a software program has been invaluable or that a music track has changed your life - you might like to send me a message or pass on a token of your appreciation and/or gratitude when you see me in the form of coffee or a cold tasty beverage.

You may just like to shake my hand and say thanks in person.

Or you may be more comfortable making a donation using PayPal. You can do that here. Or not.
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Monetary transfers are made with PayPal