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The Amiga platform was vibrant in its day. It had a great developer community and software was released at an astounding rate.

Steve Quartly and I formed Steeple Software primarily to release PhotoFolio which at the time was a premiere package that was very fast and looked great - a remarkable feat given the speed of then processors and available graphics capabilities. Steve and I spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into all aspects of PhotoFolio. We had a great time writing and expanding it and I think it taught me a lot about programming and planning.

I consider the Amiga platform dead - although I do fire up my emulator on occasion to relive some of the old times. I have thought about fixing a few things and releasing a few new versions of some of our old programs - but I really don't think anyone seriously uses the Amiga platform anymore (unless they're playing older games that aren't available anywhere else). But still, you never know…
  • Thanks to these wonderful people and groups for their help
    Paul and Steve would like to extend special thanks to the many people who have helped to bring PhotoFolio to life and keep it alive. We thank all who have given even a moment of their time.

    Stefan Stuntz - MUI
    Timm Müller - guigfx.library and mysticview.library
    Dieter Müller - Schatztuhre
    Oliver Esberger - German translation, toolbar images, beta tester
    David Ceulemans - Beta tester
    Andreas Kleinert - Beta tester
    Vit Sindlar - Czech translation, beta tester
    Amiga Inc - Amiga
    Haage and Partner - Amiga platform support
    Olaf Barthel - So much excellent source code, OS 3.5 and more

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Here you will find all the releases of PhotoFolio as well as external libraries, classes and utilities we also built to support our application. Over time we will add other bits and pieces that support the legacy use of PhotoFolio and the Amiga platform.
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pfsysinfo15.lha readme System information on files/libraries etc used by PhotoFolio. 14 KB
jpeglibrary62a.lha readme jpeg.library allows the programmer to manipulate jpeg files/streams. 448 KB
prooflibrary29.lha readme proof.library allows the programmer to create and/or manipulate proof (thumbnail) files. 102 KB
MCC_VLab.lha readme VLab.mcc is a MUI custom class for grabbing images with VLab hardware. 43 KB
pfDirectoryView131.lha readme Updated pfDirectoryView module that fixes a problem loading language catalogs for PhotoFolio 2.2. 10 KB
UpdatePhotoFolio21.lha readme A fixed install script for the original PhotoFolio 2.1 Update archive. 9 KB
PhotoFolio23.lha readme PhotoFolio 2.3 program upgrade. 1.2 MB
exiflibrary11.lha readme Allows the reading of embedded exif information from jfif streams. 57 KB
PFConvert11.lha readme Converts foreign formats to the PhotoFolio format. 117 KB
PhotoFolio22.lha readme PhotoFolio 2.2 update (patches against the 2.0 release CD). Includes updated libraries and new modules. (Free update). 476 KB
PhotoFolio24.lha readme PhotoFolio 2.4 upgrade (PhotoFolio program only). The 2.3 upgrade neeeds to be installed before this update. 488 KB
imageiolibrary35.lha readme imageio.library allows the programmer to manipulate image files/streams. 188 KB
imageprocesslibrary21.lha readme imageprocess.library allows the programmer to manipulate raw image data in memory. 140 KB
PhotoFolio21Update2.lha readme Free PhotoFolio 2.1 update (requires original PhotoFolio 2.0 CD). Fixes some install script problems. (Free update). 654 KB