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After assembly on the Commodore 64, the Amiga is where I learned C programming and I thoroughly enjoyed my years with first the A500, then A2000 and finally A4000.

I consider the Amiga platform dead - although I do fire up my emulator on occasion to relive some of the old times. I have thought about fixing a few things and releasing a few new versions of some of my old programs - but I really don't think anyone seriously uses the Amiga platform anymore (unless they're playing older games that aren't available anywhere else).

I'll start to upload (sporadically as I package them up) my old software - some with source code - as I go through my archives. Also Steeple Software, created for Amiga software by Steve Quartly and I has a section here for PhotoFolio.

Amiga Legacy Software - Copyright © Steeple Software 1999-2004
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