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Yes, its a sad state of affairs when all I can call it is an accumulation of material, but that is the best description for it. In here are all the unclassified, previously unreleased, stuff, junk, notes, pictures, programs, legacy things and bits and pieces that need a place to call home.

There are photographs that would otherwise be sitting at the bottom of my digital drawer.
As I used to program for the Amiga platform there are numerous applications (some with source code included).
Sound contains anything audio related that doesn't have a home elsewhere.
PhotoFolio is legacy software for the Amiga platform. For photograph storage with thumbnail views and manipulation. Written by Steve Quartly and Paul Huxham. circa 2008
  • Thankyou for your help
    It would be appropriate to thank the following people and groups and to attribute their work that makes this website possible

    pixabay where all the images come from.

    Icons made by iconixar from www.flaticon.com.

    icomoon for their free SVG icon sets.

    codepen and their authors for numerous bits and pieces of code that have made my life easier.

    RapidWeaver without which I probably would not have made this website the way it is.

    Nick Cates design which enabled me to cleanly support mobile devices and some awesome stacks.

    Elixr graphics for some nice rapidweaver stacks.

    The Audio Boys - you know who you are.

    In quasi-random order: Carsten, Cliffo, Nathan, Dave, Allan and Quartz - opinions, life skills and experience.