About payment for things that are free
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Im not begging or even asking for payment - in fact I don't mind at all if you use the software and music that has been released as free downloads from my website for your own personal use and do not pay.

Where something is released where I don't ask you to pay for it - then what I get is a small burst of happiness from someone making use out of something I have made.

If by chance you feel that an application has been invaluable, a music track or my attempts at contemplation of the human condition have changed your life - you might like to send me a message or pass on a token of your appreciation and/or gratitude when you see me in the form of chai or a cold tasty beverage.

You may just like to shake my hand and say thanks in person.

You may be more comfortable making a monetary contribution.

You can do that here.

Or not.
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Monetary transfers are made with PayPal