Heard of Audio facilitates your television production, outside broadcast or location shoot with

• Advice
• Planning and Specifications
• Project management
• Pre production
• Rigging and Derigging
• Operational crew
• Additional equipment
• Post production

My work philosophy outlines my thoughts on consolidating the vagaries of production.
My major work projects over the last 10 years.

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It's harder to make real audio than special effects audio.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Analog sounds so much better. I frankly can't listen to digital audio for more than a few hours without really starting to hate what I'm listening to. Even decent 24-bit digital resolution really irritates me after a while.

Tom Scholz

Musically, there's a movement called the flatted fifth that's really evil-sounding. It was outlawed by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. That movement is what gives you a real evil sound that conjures up dark, fantastic images. It's like an audio horror movie. It personifies what a horror movie is about.

Kirk Hammett

Well, whether it's on film or on TV, you don't want to throw too many curves at your audio and video guys.

Rick Moranis

The Audio Home Recording Act directly says that noncommercial copying by consumers is lawful.

David Boies

Listen to the sound of silence.

Paul Simon